Monday, August 30, 2010

Work Update

I've been back in Vietnam for 3 weeks but I haven't worked much. I missed most of the summer classes and haven't had much luck getting hired in other schools. I applied at 3 schools. The first one, insisted that I work full time for them and become a teacher coordinator/program organizer of sorts. Not possible to do that at present because I'm going to HCM for a four week course in October and I don't want to commit to anything just yet. They said that they don't have a lot of classes at present because they just opened so they can't hire me part time, either. The second school, where Lyn works, let me do a demo class but I think the manager didn't really understand our conversation about my fee per hour. To be honest, I didn't either. :D The last one had me do a demo in front of the director, 2 teachers and a receptionist. They seemed very pleased but the director mentioned that they were also looking for a full time teacher. Like the first one, they're new and they don't have a lot of classes. I haven't heard from them but I will try to call this week to check in with them.

I still work for NES part time which takes care of my visa problem next month --- I have to pay a fee but at least, they'll be sort of supporting my stay here by sending in a pretend contract. I taught 3 classes last week including an adult class. The latter was funny because I couldn't remember half the acronyms the school came up with to label the grammar points. I just focused on giving them ideas, new vocab and correcting their general grammar and pronunciation. I'll be teaching 3 adult classes this week and 1 kid class. It's a bit weird to be teaching adults again after about a year of not doing it. On the upside, it's going to give me some classroom practice which I badly need for CELTA.

I'm doing the CELTA in October. For those who don't know what it is, CELTA is an initial qualification awarded by Cambridge ESOL for people with little or no previous teaching experienceAfter two years of teaching EFL, I've realized that I need the time to sit down and study. I also want to get certified because I don't have a teaching degree AND I'm not a native speaker. To most schools, the latter seems to be more important but the former should serve me just as well. It's not as if I can change my place of birth or the color of my skin --- not that I would want to. Besides, my goal for now, is to become a better teacher. After that, I want to work for a school for at least a year before I decide what to do or where and what to study next. 

I've got this 2 year itch that needs scratching but I don't know what profession I can go into next so for now I'm going to stick with this and be the best that I can be. Haha. Sounds serious right? 


  1. Looks like there's so much going on with you right now while the rest of us is getting bored to death. heheh!

  2. haha.... well, needing change because of my 2 year itch so I'll see what I can do to shake things up a bit.

    yeah, nagkita nga kami ni Jo eh. sayang di pala kita nameet nung nasa Pinas ako :P