Sunday, July 27, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

Coz it just might come true... So they say and that's exactly what I felt about a week ago. You know how I've been going on about going crazy because I don't have enough things to read... Well, I saw this amazing bookshop in Cambodia and freaked. Amazing because I've been depraved (hehe) for so long and amazing because they have a lot of English titles available, original books, too (that's another story). Anyway, I freaked because I hadn't had much choice for so long, and when I faced with rows and rows of English language books, I had no idea what to do and which book to choose. My heart was pounding and I practically couldn't breath. I was such a loser, having a panic attack coz I couldn't choose. My sister and I left without buying a thing. Crazy, ain't it? You wish for something so much, and when you have it in front of you, you have no idea what to do.

I wonder what I'll do when I go to Powerbooks Greenbelt when I get home.

Finally Debt Free

Nice title huh.... I'm having doggie dreams just coz of it. It's great that I've finally been able to pay my sister and I've also given her my payment for my Citisavings Loan. That done, I can go back to focusing on my emergency fund and my Metrobank Savings Plan. Right now, my envelopes don't look so good, they're practically empty. But it's alright, Thea will be able to pay me back soon and I've got some "bonuses" coming up. I gotta take care of my visa soon but aside from that I don't think I have any big expenses coming up.