Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hiring: Travel Gnome

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So I got a new idea from a travel blogger... Most people have pictures of themselves taken with popular tourist landmarks as background --- and then, there's a small percentage of people who bring travel gnomes then take pictures of them with tourist landmarks as background. For those of you who love getting your pictures taken, this may be a weird idea. But for someone like me who's very uncomfortable being on the other side of a camera, it is simply brilliant.

The Travelling Gnome Prank started in the 1980s, take a garden gnome from someone's garden, take it to a trip and take pictures of it on tourist landmarks and  return it to the owner *with pictures.

L-R Kitty, Rhapsody and Croc
Now, I have no plans of stealing garden gnomes and anyway, I haven't seen any here in Vietnam. Some people use dolls, some people use makeup brushes and some people even use water dippers. I, on the other hand, will most probably go with the stuffed toy turned into travel gnome. After all, my little stuffed friends will probably enjoy camera time more than I ever did. Big question is, which one will it be? Not that I have a lot to choose from. I'm in Vietnam right now so here's what I have to work with. Actually, the ones on the first picture are out of the running, since they are too big to carry around for travelling, I just wanted to show them off. Haha. Anyway, second picture --- just popped Santa-cork in, he's not stuffed. Or maybe I should use Santa-cork because he can stand on his own? BBall Guy doesn't like being on camera (or looks it). Scrump and Stitch both have a nice color that'll probably look best on pictures. Hmmm... I guess I can try them out around Vung Tau and Saigon before I decide. Oh yeah, I have 2 beanie babies in one of my boxes at Thea's flat. I'll get them later and add their pics.
BBall Guy, Scrump, Santa-cork,Stitch

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