Friday, September 3, 2010

No 'Poo Update

9 days of no 'poo!

I used Pantene shampoo on my hair last Wednesday, 25th of August. At that time I wasn't really planning on going no 'poo, I just figured I'd use less shampoo on my hair.

Day 1: no 'poo and no conditioner - hair was alright, not greasy and not dry, either
Day 2: 'no poo, used Sunsilk conditioner - soft, a little greasy but looked and felt alright
Day 3: 'no poo, Sunsilk conditioner - my scalp felt icky and greasy but my friends didn't say anything so I guess it wasn't that bad. I saw a few white flakes on my hair
Day 4: 'no poo, Sunsilk conditioner - greasy and itchy
Day 5: baking soda, Sunsilk conditoner - bad hair day in the morning so I put on a baseball cap. Was finally able to buy baking soda and ACV, worried about vinegar smell and had to go to class so just used baking soda and water. I just used a bit dissolved in water because i was nervous about it. My hair was still a bit greasy after washing it.
Day 6: baking soda, Sunsilk conditioner - 1 tsp used like paste and 1 tsp dissolved in water. Hair was still a bit greasy but the edges were dry.
Day 7: baking soda, Sunsilk conditioner - same as yesterday but hair felt better. Scalp was clean but stung a bit when I massaged the concoction in.
Day 8: baking soda, Sunsilk conditioner in the morning - my hair felt more like its usual self, not greasy or dry but had fly away edges. It was a bit itchy, though.
baking soda, Bath & Body coconut verbena conditioner in the afternoon - hair was a bit dry at first but became better as the night progressed. See picture below. After a night of dancing and smoky bar air, it looked amazing.

Day 9: B&B coconut verbena conditioner - less itchy than the day before but it wasn't dry or greasy.

I've started telling my friends here in Vietnam about what I'm doing but I don't think I convinced anyone to try it. I've told my sister and she offered to bring me organic shampoo... I think I'll try going no 'poo for 2 months. If there's a bad reaction and my scalp never adjusts then that'll be an option. But think about it... one less plastic bottle for the trash.


  1. I use Head and Shoulders 'poo :) Sunsilk conditioner alternately. Works for me. But it is a bit greasy if I go no shampoo for two consecutive days.

  2. I've read that our scalps become greasy as a defense to our shampoo use and it takes time for them to adjust to no 'poo... so if in 2 months my scalp doesn't adjust then I'm going to find another way to use less plastic :P

  3. I also noticed that using too much shampoo causes more hairfall for me. I shampoo twice or thrice a week now, and when I do, I'm using organic shampoo from Human Heart Nature.

  4. Hi! If you're just looking for a way to use less plastic, why not use a shampoo bar? I, personally, use a gugo shampoo bar but there's also some from Lush if gugo makes your hair dry.