Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Not So Lazy Rainy Day

Lyn, my housemate, is celebrating her birthday today. I went out to buy cake for her this morning and it was a good thing, Dung, my other friend's Vietnamese boyfriend, accompanied me. You see, they usually layer their cakes with pineapple.... Pineapples taste good, but please, not on cake! He spoke with the girls at the bakeshops until we found two that had chocolate in it. One had orange frosting and the other had a thick layer of white frosting with a water buffalo on top. Dorky but I chose the one with the buffalo. Would've been stupid to avoid pineapple and go with orange frosting. :P
after candles were taken out
I went biking with Thea this afternoon. Talked for a bit over chocolate milk tea and kiwi milk tea (yeah weird, I know). Then we went around the city. It was nice to see the sights and relax while getting some exercise. It was raining a bit but it was fun. I miss my old bike, though. The handlebars on the one I have now is a bit lopsided so it's a b**ch to balance. On the upside, if I went biking everyday, my arm muscles would probably become more defined. Haha.

It's really pouring now... I usually think of rainy days as lazy days. But today-- even though I'm a bit tired from biking, I still want to go dancing tonight. It's been on my mind for days. I wonder if I can get them to go with me. I can go out alone but from previous experience, I'd rather not. People would always try to talk to me and they become more annoying when they find out I'm not Vietnamese. No fun at all. 

Oh well, we'll see. The night is still young after all.


We didn't start eating till 920PM, and Tin, Thea and Lyn are supposed to be in school pretty early tomorrow morning. So... no dancing, will have to wait till Wednesday next week. Hmft. Anyway, had a lot of spaghetti, grilled squid and the cake wasn't that bad. It was chiffon layered with bits of chocolate and raisins with white frosting.

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