Saturday, September 4, 2010

Daiso Japan Store Haul

I am not a shopper. You can ask my family or friends and they'll tell you the same thing. But today, I was in Now Zone Shopping Mall in Saigon. As I was heading out, I passed by a Daiso Japan Store and I couldn't resist going in. FYI, Daiso Japan Store sells various items for a cheap price. They've got stuff you probably don't even think you'd find or need. In Japan, items cost 100 yen, in the Philippines 88 or 66 pesos, in Viet Nam 35 thousand dong or $1.80. Most of the items are made in other countries but it says on the back of the packaging "Produced for Daiso Japan."

I spent almost $24 on these items.

I bought the following:

  • 2 handy white boards - always useful to have those around when you're a (language) teacher like I am. 
  • 2 pc. set of shoe brushes - made of coconut fiber and useful for removing stubborn dirt.
  • 340mL watering bottle (for dogs) - going to use this for my no 'poo habit, for baking soda and water or ACV rinse

Instead of using disposable body scrubbers, I'm going to switch to washcloth. The fabric is made of cotton threads and milk fiber.

I figure I'll be needing this when I go to HCM and will be using someone else's washing machine. Also, our lint catcher here is quite old and threadbare.

Something to add to my baking soda shampoo mix or ACV rinse. I wasn't sure about the other scents so this'll do for now.

This storage bag is meant for paperbacks but I'm planning to use it for storing my other lightweight items. Dimensions are 16cm x30cm x12cm. If this proves durable, I might buy other sizes next time.

I bought 5 reusable shopping bags. The designs were cute and it took me a while to choose. The third one from the left (black) and the striped bag on the bottom is mine but the other 3 are for friends who I'm trying to introduce to the reusable vs. disposable lifestyle.

If I end up moving to Saigon to work and need stuff for my new apartment, the crew at Daiso will easily become my new best friends. :D

Saigon Daiso Japan Store is located on 3rd floor Business Center Now Zone, No. 253 Nguyen Van Cu Street, District 1, HCMC.


  1. Daiso is a cheap paradise for thrifty shoppers like me.. there are a lot of stuff which you wont see on a regular supermarket.. and there are a lot of Daiso stores (a.k.a. Hyaku en Shops) here in Japan.. minsan, kala mo nakatipid kasi 100 yen lang naman kada isa, but it's always hard to resist buying a lot kasi andaming maganda and really useful.. i always end up leaving Hyaku en shops with huge bags with me.. hahaha!

  2. yeah, before I went to the checkout counter I re-evaluated the stuff in my basket and only got the stuff that I need and will use. buti na lang wala ako sa Japan, siguro magiging regular shopper din ako dun tulad mo. :D