Saturday, July 31, 2010

'Disco Night at Malate, Manila

Yeah, I know I haven't posted anything in almost a year----but I had such a fun night that I can't sleep without talking to someone or at least blog about it. Teehee...

After almost 3 years of making do with Vung Tau nightlife (if you can call it that), I went clubbing with a couple of friends. Oh yeah, lemme correct that. We went DISCO dancing, to use Howie's word of the month. Amazingly, my slightly homophobic and decidedly straight friend Jason braved Orosa St. with me, and good friends Howard, John and Popo. John chose Che'lu, a supposedly mixed bar. The music was alright. We at least got to hear "Satisfaction" but Howie and I were a bit disappointed that they didn't play "Absolutely Not." Anyway, it was a fun night because I got to dance with my favorite guys sans Phy. And just like the old days, Johnny Boy left with someone, Howie's obsessing about a missed chance and Popo --- ready for a new day. Jason was a nice addition, he kept claiming that he couldn't dance. Turned out all he needed was to loosen up and okay, more practice but he was alright for a first-timer. Hmmm... or maybe it was the beer.

Oh shoot, it's light outside. Gotta get some zzzz's. Loved my night out. Good thing I can still dance on stilettos. 

P.S. Those aren't my feet but I wore the exact same shoes....

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