Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sick or Homesick

Am I supposed to be homesick? I know I miss my family and friends. Yet I don't like to moon about people and things that I can't see or have. I chose to go to Viet Nam and live in another country. I know that I'll be away for a year or so. So why be sad and mope around?

People have asked me if I'm homesick, if I cry when it's gloomy or rainy, if I'm sad and want to go back to the Philippines. When I tell them that I'm not sad, I think half of them admire me and the other half think I'm a cold, unfeeling you-know-what. But I tell them that it's only been four months and not four years that I've been away. I miss the Philippines. I miss my family and my friends. That doesn't mean I need to cry about them and be sad. Does it?


  1. i'm worried about you kiks... i have been for quite some time. it's only natural to be homesick. that's what people feel when they're away from home. please know that we're always here for you wherever you are. so don't be sad... i simply won't have it.
    -mei monkey ;p

  2. monkey!!!!! hamishu! haha, that's the thing, i miss everyone but i'm rarely if ever, sad... and the people here are wondering why i'm not. teehee.