Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ladycup Update

After the first post I guess I never bothered to write anything about my Ladycup adventures. The second month was better and by the third month, I felt like a pro. I'm really happy using a menstrual cup right now. Helping Mother Nature and all that. Some people are concerned about how safe it is to use one, but I'm not worried about it because I did my research before I purchased one and I make sure it's clean before insertion plus I sterilize it every month. I'm a satisfied user and because of certain considerations, I bought another one recently, a large this time. Like last time, I ordered from Ebay but instead of having it sent to the Philippines, I had it delivered to my Vietnam address. I paid $24.50 for it via Paypal. I received a notice after about 3 weeks, picked it up from the post office and didn't have to pay a fee for storage like I had to back home. 

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