Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cambodia Trip

I went on a trip with my sister months ago and I’ve never really gotten around to writing about it. Anyway, since I’m still lazy to do anything about it, just take a look at the photos on my multiply site:

***On Tet holiday, I’m planning a trip with a couple of friends. We might do a Cambodia-Thailand trip for 2 weeks or if we’re short on money, a week-long Siem Reap trip or something like it would do. I like Cambodia (they speak English, yey) and I’m looking forward to going back.***

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  1. Hey Angela,

    Happy to hear you like Cambodia! Many people speak English, especially in Siem Reap and Khmers generally love foreigners (my husband says it is our money they love!). Hope you have a good trip to Thailand!